On March 28th, 2017, Aleksandra Jaeschke will be participating in Realignments, a symposium on urbanism and infrastructure at the Woodbury School of Architecture in Los Angeles.

L.A. Metro City / Abstract
Los Angeles system of trains and buses – the L.A. Metro network – innerves the city with a conductive tissue energized by an incessant human flow. Both an event and site, it provides a connective and conductive ground, and constitutes a catalytic urban matrix.
Through this short presentation, I hope to trigger a conversation about architecture’s ability to activate this potential, to (re-) animate street corners and expanded urban contexts. L.A. Metro City, an alternative ecology that Banham would have surely illuminated with his bright eye, requires a special lens capable of simultaneously focusing on the entire web and the events that unfold within it. The generalist eye of the architect / urban practitioner (not to be confounded with a systems engineer) seems perfectly poised for that. In the joyfully undisciplined dilettantism still lies a chance to dream beyond the limits of standardized disciplinary boundaries, and to defy the limited vision that comes with excessive specialization. One that efficiently focuses on detail but fails to appreciate creative opportunities hidden in larger patterns. ///

Visit the Woodbury website for more information.

March 28, 2017 – 7pm | Woodbury School of Architecture, Fletcher Jones Foundation Auditorium | 7500 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504