Andrea Di Stefano and Aleksandra Jaeschke will present the work of Studio AION at the School of Architecture, University Di Tella in Buenos Aires:

Projects by Studio AION
Eco-machines are architectural effects of a systematic negotiation between material characteristics, structural forces, functional requirements, normative prescriptions, financial pressures, socio-political agendas, cultural tendencies and environmental dynamics.
Each of them is a device that generates the complex territory within which it functions. Each works as a spatial expression of a multiplicity of processes which define the relations between the environment and who inhabits it. Each, like any other extremely complex or stunningly simple machine, is a product of the desire to interact with its surroundings: an inevitably, yet powerfully, reductive operation on complexity that is orchestrated through few, carefully selected sensory channels.

Thursday, August 21st, 7PM
Location: Aula A2. Campus Alcorta
For more details, click here.

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