Our first solo exhibition was inaugurated on July, 18th in the Wroclaw Museum of Architecture in Poland. It will remain open to the visitors till September, 8th 2013. The featured projects are set within the context of the Paper Dragon spatial installation which will soon be featured on our site. In the meantime, we publish an extract from the introduction to the exhibition catalogue and a couple of images from the opening:
“ The exhibition and the catalogue present seven projects of AION. (…) It is not the form, but the logic of formation that is common in each of them. Therefore, to show the development of individual concepts, besides the final versions of the projects, we also present the diagrams and sketches illustrating the course of metaarchitectural search. The core of the exhibition and the element organizing the space of Archi-box is a Paper Dragon. The structure made of over a thou- sand cardboard elements and resembling an origami puzzle is inspired by tessellations designed by an outstanding mathematician Ron Resch. His research carried out in 1960’s and 1970’s allowed for the first time to describe three-dimensional structures with the polygonal grating. Similarly to the other projects of AION, it was possible also this time to combine in one project two seemingly contradictory elements: high- and low-tech. The structure which was designed with the use of advanced digital techniques was made by hand, using the simplest methods and materials, and created eventually an extremely beautiful synthesis of abstract domain of mathematics and material world of craft. “ (Michał Duda, Curator of the Exhibition)

For more info on the Muzeum page, click here.

The first impressions from the exhibition can be found on the Blog Aranzacyjny.

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