AION BIOPOOLS offers a unique and integrated service with a turn-key approach.
With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we design, engineer, develop and manage natural swimming pools, bio lakes, wetlands, and other phyto-depuration plants.
We offer free consultancy to define sustainable strategies and cost-effective solutions for new constructions and for the conversion of existing swimming pools, ponds and sewage systems with integrated natural treatment systems and solar powered plants.


A natural swimming pool is a pool where no chemicals are used for its purification. Water is purified by means of aquatic plants that help oxygenate and eliminate nutrients, which could allow the spread of algae and other undesirable microorganisms such as mosquito larvae. Natural swimming pools water is not a sterile medium as in traditional pools in which chemicals kill bacteria and organic particles. Their water is rather at its natural state, just like that of mountain lakes and streams. There are bacteria that are in an ecological balance and the Ph of water perfectly matches that of our body. This determines a fresh and pleasant feeling while swimming and a regenerative action on our skin. We can dive and keep our eyes open and after swimming we do not need to shower as we just had a bath in pure water. Natural swimming pools are eco-friendly and beautiful. Since no chlorine, salt and other corrosive agents are used for purification, they have much lower management costs and unlimited durability.



Bio lakes are man-made basins reproducing the environment of natural lakes. Their vital water is capable of self-purifying without the need for chemical products. They use a natural process called phytodepuration that is based on the ability of aquatic plants to purify water. One area is reserved for human swimming and fun, the other is dedicated to aquatic plants. Plants are rooted into a thick layer of gravel and develop microorganisms around their roots, which guarantee water purification. Over time, a habitat of flora and fauna is established in this artificial ecosystem that regenerates itself following the natural rhythms of the environment. It is an oasis for fauna, flora and man, which guarantees excellent naturalistic landscape and aesthetic results. Since water is constantly oxygenated and moved by falling waters and fountains, no mosquitoes larvae and undesired insects are present.

oxygenating waterfalls


Phytodepuration is based on the exploitation of aquatic plants (macrophytes) and associated microorganisms that manage to remove the organic matter present in the water and exploit it for its own growth. There is an increasing number of settlements where phytodepuration is used as a valid alternative to sewage disposal of white and black waters, or as a filtering system for bathing water without the use of chemicals. This technique also allows significant economic savings. Furthermore, phytodepuration can be used for the re-naturalization of waterways, lakes and canals, as well as the conversion of swimming pools into bio-swimming pools.

water treatment pond


Traditional swimming pools purify water with chlorine or salt. Such aggressive and corrosive agents destroy organic matter and kill most bacteria that are present in the water. As a result water is no longer a vital element but rather a dead and sterile medium in which people swim. The presence of chemicals harms our skin, burns our hair and irritate our eyes. It also deteriorates the pool materials and all the components that are involved in the purification process. Pools surfaces, skimmers, pipes, valves, pumps, filters age very fast and have to be replaced periodically. For this reason traditional pools have high management costs and low durability. Nevertheless they can be converted into natural pools through phytodepuration systems that are built close to the swimming basin and act as filtering means. Natural wetlands, aquatic plants, waterfalls and fountains replace traditional chlorinators and electrolysers. They provide a long lasting, cost effective, environmentally friendly and beautiful system for water purification that makes our bath experience unique, comfortable and healthy.


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