Research project
Siracusa, Italy, 2004-2005

research team: Andrea Di Stefano, Aleksandra Jaeschke

Biotic corridors are  natural infrastructures which enable sea-land exchange.
While collecting and purifying water, they fertilize the ground and nourish life, triggering biodiversity.

This project extrapolates an architectural model from biotic corridors in order to develop Artificial Biotic Corridors integrating natural dynamics with human activities.
A model for coastal developments in the Mediterranean Basin is elaborated from the integration of available natural wastewater treatment systems in order to generate a new type of primary infrastructure driving sustainable urban growth.
A pilot project is tested in Siracusa, Sicily, where an Artificial Biotic Corridor absorbs the tourist demand and takes advantage of wastewater production for the revegetation of a degraded urban park along the coastal belt.

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