Housing Development
Cracow, Poland 2011

principals: Andrea Di Stefano, Aleksandra Jaeschke
design team: Salvo Pappalardo, Massimo D’Aiello, Roberta Conti, Rossella Pisano
renderings: Massimo D’Aiello

landscape design: LAND Milano

Challenging the strict norms of a dense residential development site in Cracow, Pole aims at maximizing both the profit for the client and the spatial, programmatic and environmental richness for the users. The project hybridizes traditional building types in order to enhance insolation, ecological permeability, social space and surface use rate. A flexible cross-like typology generates a system of interconnected courtyards. Solar exposure optimization and strategic public programme distribution at a global level and spatial reconfigurability and programmatic differentiation at a local level enrich the social environment, prevent from homologation and respond to the market demand for customization.