Faculty of Architecture, University of Catania, Siracusa, Italy, 2011

Coordinators: prof. Luigi Alini, Aleksandra Jaeschke, Andrea Di Stefano | Partnership with: Ente Scuola Edile di Siracusa, Cassa Edile di Siracusa, Consorzio Universitario Archimede, ANCE – Siracusa, MAPEI, Ordine degli Architetti di Siracusa, Material Design, ANDIL, Costruire in Laterizio

Dome is a brick pavilion built with a revolving compass, a traditional Nubian building technique explored by Hassan Fathy and perfected by Fabrizio Caròla. In the Dome project the analogue and man-controlled device used to deposit bricks embodies a parametrically-controlled digital model controlling integrated performative effects. The compass reflects the model, its form and functioning contain all the genetic information necessary to define the final shape and to control structural and functional performance. In the Dome project the traditionally rigid L-shaped brick guide acquires flexibility enabling for rotation of individual bricks. This allows to achieve a new range of complex digitally-generated surface effects and it helps to accurately control environmental conditions such as diffused illumination, self-shading and passive ventilation.

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