HUB Siracusa, Siracusa, Italy, 2012

Coordinator: Aleksandra Jaeschke | Sponsorship: International Paper Catania | Manufacturing: Impronta Team Siracusa

La Spicola is an origami cardboard table for temporary events inspired by the geometry of spicules which are calcareous or siliceous structural elements found in most sponges. The meshing of many spicules serves as the sponge’s skeleton. Likewise triaxon-type spicules which have three axes and form a Y-shaped element, La Spicola is formed using three Y-shaped components folded out of a sheet of cardboard and connected with plastic rivets to eventually form a triangular table frame. The basic Y-shaped components can be differentiated to then be assembled into square, pentagonal or hexagonal modules as well. The initial prototype is made with a 7 mm-thick, double wall, BC flute, corrugated cardboard and connected with plastic rivets which are reusable and recyclable. The triangular modules can be aggregated to form larger rectangular, romboidal or hexagonal configurations.